chapter  7
31 Pages

Planning for future war

ByScott Gates, Kaushik Roy

The dominant factor in future war will be war in the air. This chapter investigates the possibility of a war between India and China or India and Pakistan in the future and the nature and character of any such war. It suggests the probable grand strategies that China, India and Pakistan might follow soon. To understand the future, an analysis is made of the Chinese, Indian and Pakistani grand strategies followed in the past and being followed today. The chapter analyzes China’s, India’s and Pakistan’s probable nuclear policies, which supplement the grand strategy of their polities. It deals with the military strategies of the different branches of the three countries’ armed forces. From 2010, Defense Research and Development Organization is planning to create military-only satellite networks by launching one or two satellites annually to meet the requirement of the three Services: army, navy and air force. These satellites would aim at surveillance, communication, navigation, targeting and even counter-space activities.