chapter  2
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Practicing Theodramatics: Formation and Performance

The essential role of audiences in theatrical performance is beyond dispute, the nature and extent of audience participation is a matter of great debate. On one end of the spectrum, audience members are spectators in traditional theatre settings, observing a performance for a certain kind of personal experience. At each level of audience participation, the actors possess a particular mission in relation to the audience. Like the spectrum of theatrical audience participation, there are a variety of ways to understand the relationship between the ecclesial company and an unbelieving audience, thus affecting the idea of mission. The dynamic interplay between the company's distinction from the audience and their presence among the audience keeps theodramatic mission alive. The ecclesial company shows hospitality while playing the role of resident aliens and visiting strangers in the world. Missional disponibility enables us to create a free space because it involves acknowledging our need for others, even unbelieving strangers, and a willingness to interact.