chapter  3
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Playwrights, Protagonists, Producers, and Trinitarian Theodramatics

This chapter explores environment and place in the theodrama to its creational and cultural elements. All theatrical performances occur in particular environments, but these settings vary from the stages and buildings of traditional theatre to the amorphous environments of avant-garde theatre. In Christian theology, two of the most common labels for theology arising out of and crafted with reference to particular places and cultures are 'local theology' and 'contextual theology'. A similar approach exists among ethicists who navigate their way between ethical relativism and absolutism. Without attending to creation as a stage and participant in the theodrama, therefore, performances will most certainly be 'out of place'. Culture is a complex and contested concept, but one possible definition is 'the distinctive ideas, customs, social behavior, products. Creation-oriented disponibility seeks to recognize and appreciate a creature's particular role in the theodrama, discerning how to interact with that creature respectfully and appropriately.