chapter  4
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Scripts, Plots, and Biblical Theodramatics

In theatre, an epilogue is a speech delivered directly to the audience at the end of a play. The overall model gleaned from theatre, therefore, is that theodramatic formation as disponibility and performance as fittingness are multi-dimensional processes oriented simultaneously toward the triune God, Scripture, the church, tradition, unbelievers, and creational and cultural contexts. Living Theodrama has shown that conversation with theatre does not need to distort the testimony of Scripture and Christian tradition but can actually enhance this testimony by teasing out its inherent truth and beauty through imaginative metaphors and models. Since the purpose of understanding theatre is performance and the act of performance builds theatrical understanding, using a theatrical model automatically orients theology toward ethics and ethics toward theology. Disponible, available actors are those who perform fitting, appropriate action, and the process of performing with fittingness is the means for developing disponibility.