chapter  3
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On the Materials of Digital Culture

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on key concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book explores the idea in relation to both digital culture theorizing and to grounded engagements in specific environments. It describes about cultural continuity and change, the role of digital technology in those processes. The book focuses on explicitly toward theories of technology in relation to culture. In discussing technological modernisms and postmodernisms in relation to digitization it tries to give a sense of the contested terrain of the present. The book argues that both modern and postmodern theorizing fail to treat technology as cultural in two fundamental senses: firstly as the material embodiments of cultural processes located within operative socio-cultural domains. Secondly, as the contingent articulations of elements that make possible distinctive socio-cultural operations. Within public library culture, the self as a citizen, is promoted as part of the official conception of agency as a sphere of personal responsibility.