chapter  28
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8 Bringing it all Together

This chapter is the sixth and final part of the book. It brings together all of the leadership skills and expertise that have been described in the previous five parts. That is, those which are the very essence of management and leadership to make things happen and sustain organizations in an unpredictable, challenging and changing world. It summarizes critical content that is included within each part of the book which is based on a framework of excellence that delivers a smarter and more sustainable approach to the future. The following outlines the framework which forms the structure of the first five parts of the book as well as illustrating the five critical success factors for success and sustainability in challenging and complex times:

Dynamic environments that are indicative of uncertainty, complexity and change call for strong leadership and excellent strategy to withstand these challenging circumstances. For example globalization presents both threats and opportunities. The Global Financial Crisis illustrated how an economic crisis in one country can rapidly affect the general economic health of another country and the sector in which information services operate. Conversely, technology opens up a new world of collaboration, enabling organizations to deliver 24x365 services by forming global networks or alliances with like-minded organizations. However the will to make this happen, be successful and sustain the required energy to effect change is dependent on strong leadership, passion and vision to:


402 M a n a g i n g I n f o r m a t i o n S e r v i c e s

well as understanding and meeting their needs.