chapter  4
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Reflections in the Mirror: Media Knowledge Practices

In this chapter I showed that demonstrations, strikes, rallies, occupations and other contentious performances take place at the public level and, as such, they work as the media through which social movement groups spread their messages. But grassroots political organising intertwines with grassroots political communication: the construction of political subjects and political categories, the creation of alternative systems of meaning and discourses and the elaboration of material and immaterial demands are sustained through communication within and beyond the social movement milieu. This is certainly true for all social movements, but even more so in the case of mobilisations against precarity that can be defined as ‘classification struggles’ (Bourdieu 1991; Goldberg 2005; Chun 2009) aiming at developing and diffusing a new semantic of temporary workers. Italian precarious workers, indeed, attempted to be visible and have a voice in a discursive context where labour flexibility was the dominant narrative. The next chapters will address how grassroots political organisation and grassroots political communication intertwined in the making of Italian mobilisations against precarity.