chapter  5
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Surfing Media Diversity: Relational Media Practices

During the Euro Mayday Parade in 2004, Carlo was one of the activists engaged in the creation of live radio broadcasts of the protest event for Global Project. He alternated running commentary of the parade with interviews with precarious workers from different Italian cities. During the live radio broadcast, Carlo contacted an activist from Leon, Spain via e-mail. He then met the activist in a chat room where they exchanged their phone numbers. At that point, he called the activist for an account of the Euro Mayday Parade held in Leon, Spain. Carlo also had conversations with activists based in other European cities where the Euro Mayday Parade was taking place. These accounts composed an articulated narrative about precarity in Europe that was also aired during the Euro Mayday Parade in Milan so that protesters could hear the voices of activists based in other European cities while parading. Activists who organised the protest event released interviews to mainstream journalists in order to appear in the newspaper articles to be published the next day. And mainstream journalists, who were often precarious workers themselves, asked protest participants to narrate their own experiences of the parade. In the meanwhile, a mainstream local radio station was able to relay the live broadcast of the Euro Mayday Parade by using the programme produced by Global Project.