chapter  9
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Theorizing and writing

Wehave presented toolboxes for theorizing andwriting social science. First, the tools

of displays and property spaces for theorizing in the research process, then, the tools

of the rhetorical situation, especially the Model of Argumentation for writing in the

reporting process. In this chapter, we pull the threads together through an example

from our own research.We reconstruct parts of howwe used the tools of displays and

property spaces in the research process of a project on ideas of the future of work, as

well as the application of the Model of Argumentation when writing an article on

that topic (Bergman et al. 2010; reprinted in theAppendix to this chapter).Of course,

in reality, we give the process a more orderly nature than the chaos we lived in

and we have edited the memos we reprint to make them readable to people other

than ourselves.