chapter  9
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The free movement of money and people: debates before and after ‘9/11’

In the wake of 9/11 and 911 (the atrocities in New York and Madrid respectively) the ethical case for the free migration of money and people was effectively silenced. As money was being used to buy bombs and detonators for mass murder, and certain migrants were establishing terrorist networks, their free movement, it was conventionally assumed, had to be carefully controlled and scrutinized. And who, effectively,

could undertake this task if not cooperating state agencies such as Interpol, or state fiscal, immigration and security departments? Precisely because the case for control seems self-evident it is timely to review the ethical and practical cases made for the free movement of people and money, their own self-limiting conditions and the extent to which the contemporary political pressures for further restrictions can be justified by reference to general concepts of social justice and the public good.