chapter  5
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Research Design

This chapter examines contemporary coordination systems that enable such intermittent meetings. It argues that little research has paid attention to networking practices of coordinating networks and travel. The chapter shows that travel and communications are complexly folded into each otherand how email and mobile phones enhance corporeal travel. Transport and communication technologies are travel partners. This is a process of co-evolution, between new forms of social networking on the one hand, and extensive forms of physical travel, now often enhanced by new communications, on the other. Mobile phones are network's lifelines' because young people now remember few numbers since mobiles store them. So a landline connection cannot substitute for a lost mobile phone. Emails and text distribution lists have made it easier and cheaper for dispersed networks with highly desynchronized diaries to arrange and rearrange meetings. The objective clock-time of pocket watches is supplemented with a more negotiated network time of mobile communications.