chapter  3
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The School of Isfahan and Mulla Sadra’s Departure from Suhraward’s Tradition

As a dedicated and critical thinker, Mulla Sadra investigated deeply into almost the entire corpus of philosophical, theological and mystical Islamic thought. Under the influence of his teacher, Mir Damad, he became one of the followers of Illuminationism. Suhrawardi and Ibn Sina had a notable impact on Mulla Sadra's thinking and played a significant role in facilitating his ontological turn from the doctrine of the primacy of essence to the primacy of being and in his development of a new ontological system. Mulla Sadra's ideas were formed in the matrix of the dominant philosophy of Suhrawardi in the school of Isfahan. In this system of ontology, the principal reality, Being, unlike Plato's universal Forms in the ideal world, is not multiple. In this case this unity in multiplicity or identity in difference is best understood in the light of Hegel's dialectic logic rather than Aristotle's, because it is not abstract identity.