chapter  6
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Mulla Sadra and the Problem of Knowledge

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The significance of Mulla Sadra's philosophy should not be seen in the light of its role in the continuity of the intellectual and philosophical tradition in the Muslim world. Its task was represented a break with the philosophical tradition and the emergence of a new philosophical system based on a new ontology. This new development was antagonistic to the dominant philosophical thought of its time and stood against the 'essentialist' intellectual persuasion of the school of Illuminationism of Suhrawardi. Similarities between the ontological enterprises of these two thinkers are discussed mainly on the grounds that Mulla Sadra and Heidegger advocated the primordialness of Being and held the view that Aristotle's logic was incapable of revealing the meaning of Being. Both thinkers also argued against Plato's metaphysics as a foundation of the philosophical tradition on which the essentialism of Suhrawardi and the nihilism of Western thought relied.