chapter  3
28 Pages

Branded landscapes

Sponsorship, marketing and mediation
WithChris Anderton

This chapter explores how corporate sponsorships, experiential marketing, event branding and media coverage have changed the image and management of the outdoor music festival sector, including shifts in genre expectations and line-ups. It discusses the influence of the countercultural carnivalesque on the marketing of contemporary music festivals, alongside changes in consumer society and audience demographics since the 1990s. Branding refers to the name, symbol, logo or other recognisable mark that allows one business, service or product to be distinguished from others operating in a similar market. Music festivals may be considered as brands since the name of a festival will, over time, become associated with a range of musical, social, cultural, geographical and behavioural meanings and expectations. The notion of ‘brand fit’ can also be applied to the musical programming of festivals. A number of motivations may be proposed for the commercial sponsorship of music festivals.