chapter  3
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The enactment of space, place and territory

Space, place and territory are unique concepts. They do share the same core definition, which is the space, formed by the relationships between entities and flows screened by sensorial and cultural filters. As the definitions of both place and territory begin by stating they are a portion of space imbued with the values of a person or a group, they are often treated interchangeably. Nevertheless, the distinction between them is both epistemological and methodological. Their singularity is what makes them tools to understand the different manifestations of spatial phenomena. Treating them inter changeably hampers more refine ana - lysis of how persons and social groups use and appropriate portions of space. Treating them as opposite denies their common conceptual core. It is by maintaining and reaffirming their commonalities and at the same time highlighting their differences that we can shed light in com - plex spatial configurations.