chapter  7
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Life stages of platforms


A platform business develops and matures growth bottlenecks are likely to appear along the way. Having clarity over the definition of platforms and a broad understanding of how the business model is going to operate are obvious pre-requisites to ignition and central to the pre-launch phase. Typically actors who have a specific interest in the development of platforms, and their impact on public welfare and competition. A necessary step is to 'quantify' the number of possible platform participants in order to get a sense for the market potential. Many platforms need to also enable peer-to-peer connection between platform participants post-matching because the combination of the enabling interactions drives the overall core transactions. The ultimate goal of platforms is to maximize the number of value-adding core transactions. Even platforms that ended up monetizing late in their development often experimented with revenue models very early in order to understand the implications of the various growth models available to them.