chapter  3
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Some Central Features of the Religion

Rodnoverie is an extremely heterogeneous movement and, therefore, any outlining of its central practices and beliefs is bound to be somewhat inaccurate. The information on pre-Christian Slavic spirituality is sparse and fragmented and reflects the differences in local traditions. Correspondingly, great variance can be found in Rodnoverie discussions on the Slavic pantheon. Pagans revere their gods, but the word 'praying' is often avoided. For many Pagans, Paganism is a religion of mystery that cannot be fully grasped by the rational mind. The Rodnoverie ritual calendar is based on Russian folkloric tradition and the main events of the calendar year are the equinoxes and solstices. Rituals usually include invocations to gods, sacrifices of food and drink, and a circle-dance. Rodnovers see their gods as manifesting themselves in such natural phenomena as thunder or winter, but many Rodnovers also detect other kinds of spirits in nature. Most often, the scenario of a ritual is connected to the cycles of nature.