chapter  6
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Back to the Real Thing

In the nationalistic narrative, the 'national' was the fundament to which Rodnovers wished to return. The main goal of the narrative 'back to the real thing is to revive tradition not only in the sense of 'Russian tradition', but also as something that is tangible, natural or 'empirical' and, thereby, also somewhat 'universal'. In contemporary society, the emergence of social hierarchies, the urban way of life and consumerism are regarded as having caused people to become alienated from nature, from feelings of community, interdependence and creativity. In short, this narrative presents Paganism as a philosophy that unmasks the illusionary values and habits that are actually hindering people from fulfilling themselves and enjoying life. When asked about the reasons for the revival of Paganism, Wizard Blagumil gave the following answer: When militant atheism passes by, there will come a time when people will again want to talk with stones and trees.