chapter  7
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Discussion and Conclusions

The main theme in the nationalistically oriented narratives is globalization, which Rodnovers conceive in predominantly negative terms. Modern multiculturalism is not seen as an opportunity to enrich one's culture, but as a process that reduces cultures to a flat uniformity. In politically oriented Rodnoverie narratives, the presupposition is that social thinking cannot be changed without backing it up with a change in the religious framework. In the pluralistic Rodnoverie narrative, Paganism is presented as a form of religiosity compatible with the post-authoritarian society and, therefore, a viable choice for a modern spiritual seeker. Rodnovers are not ready to submit themselves to any divine authority, but in nature they are able to experience the enchantment of spirituality. Rodnoverie has presented non-materialistic values in a way that transcends the controversies attached to the discussions on various interpretations of the Soviet or imperial periods.