chapter  1
A Pilgrim in Paganistan
Position and Politics
Pages 13

Since 2002, the author engages in participant-observation research among the various subgroups in Paganistan within the context of rituals holiday gatherings, public events and actions, organization meetings, event planning's and festivals. As a neo-Pagan practitioner, the author share a language with the informants from common religious experience and symbolism to jargon and inside jokes which allows me to speak from and document an emic perspective of the neo-Pagans of Paganistan. In religious studies, even Christian or Jewish ethnographers have been accused of apologetics and their abilities to critically study the communities they are part of questioned. The position was brought into question with the controversial work of Carlos Castaneda and other sorcerer's apprentice ethnographic narratives in the 1960s. Issues of rationality and non-rationality may factor minimally into why members believe they are a community of Pagan folks, but they are not the fundamental force behind this analysis.