chapter  3
Fire, Ice and Wild Rice
Paganistan’s Innovations and Reconstructions
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In a sense, all contemporary Pagan traditions are reconstructions. Heathenry is an example of a reconstructionist contemporary Pagan religion. The dynamic is observed, explored and enjoyed by the various practitioners of neo-Paganism in all its forms. In determining an authentic neo-Pagan tradition, Lewis's legitimation strategy of belief in a leader's charisma is not applicable. Within these traditions, which had early roots in esotericism, occultism and secret-society models of community, legitimacy was not initially a prominent concern. The ubiquitous metaphor of fire and ice colliding to create the universe and the nine worlds was regaled by Sarah Axtell. She then interpreted the metaphor for the children. Paganistan's Pagans are educated and savvy enough to know that an accurate reconstruction of a pre-Christian tradition within a modern society is not really possible and make allowances for ritual innovations and contemporary moral concerns.