chapter  4
Repelling Vampires and Pink Fluffy Bunnies
Issues of Identity, Boundaries and Community Cohesion in Paganistan
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The sensation, and jokes, that Sharkey's candidacy caused was a genuine source of entertainment, though not given serious political consideration, for bemused Minnesotans. In an interview with the Twin Cities independent periodical, The City Pages, Sharkey gave an autobiographical sketch, military veteran turned professional wrestler turned "vampire", a synopsis of his platform and an explanation of what it meant to be, to paraphrase his words, a sanguinary vampire, a Hecate witch and a Pagan who loves Minnesota. The typical response from Minnesotans was one of eye-rolling, but Paganistan was forced to pay some attention to Sharkey's shenanigans. Serious Pagans do serious magic, religious work and study, and those who do not are "pink fluffy bunnies" or just "fluffy". So, discussion has commenced in Paganistan about the limits and usefulness of social and legal legitimation. While the non-profit organizations and churches are certainly not rethinking their status, the necessity of their existence for Minnesotan Pagans is unquestionable.