chapter  5
Minnehaha Faeries, Mississippi Mermaids and Meddling Elders
Cultural Transmission and the Ritual Year in Paganistan
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Twin Cities Reclaiming a pan-Pagan organization that exists as a regional branch of the tradition founded by Starhawk and other former students of San Francisco elder Victor Anderson in California had built an earthwork labyrinth near Coldwater Spring in Minneapolis. Coldwater Spring, Minnehaha Falls and the Mississippi River are among the natural features of the Twin Cities that work into the rituals and reflexive lore of Paganistan. The rituals and traditions described above are all influenced by pre-Christian traditions: Aurora's invitation to Aristaeus and Mellonia speaks to research into Hellenic-era Greek religion. The observation and data collected from ethnographic fieldwork done in Paganistan demonstrates a contrast to Helen Berger's prediction. Additionally, Paganistan's feistiness and cultural tradition of bootstrapping and innovation is part of Paganistan's experimenting with diverse influences and the conscious refusal to homogenize. The issue of whether children are welcome at rituals or whether rituals are appropriate for the young has been negotiated with gusto in Paganistan.