chapter  1
Latin at the Castle
Pages 16

This chapter argues De amore coniugali as an act of cultural identity, that this collection inscribes Pontano's attempt at coming to terms with Beccadelli's legacy, while at the same time rethinking his position in relation to the culture of Ferrante's court and the values of the local nobility. It demonstrates that Pontano's elegies blend the language of Renaissance weddings with that of Latin poetry to stage the investiture of the first Latin poet of married love. It argues the distinguish Pontano from the revival of Tuscan love poetry, which was taking place at the Aragonese courts of Castelnuovo and Castel Capuano, as well as to rethink Beccadelli's legacy for the new needs of Ferrante's kingdom. The chapter shows the how Pontano's praise of sexual love and peace is meant, on the one hand, to incorporate themes and motifs of Quattrocento nuptial oratory, while at the same time criticizing the revival of military values among neapolitan nobles.