chapter  3
Fighting alongside Muslim Armies
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At this point, however, a couple of further assertions must be made. Firstly, there must have been appeals for which we have no evidence, such as that at Damietta in 565/1170-71, when the Franks attacked and Saladin sent an army there.72 There is no mention of an appeal for help, but one must have occurred for Saladin to have sent a relief force. Secondly, it must be acknowledged that although most of the source material suggests that the whole town was united in the appeal for help, this was likely not the case. Muslim cities were complex entities, with many different groups and interests within them, and it is almost impossible to say that the town as a whole appealed for help.73 Such episodes do not, however, alter the overall fact that marginal groups contributed to the resistance to the Franks through contributing to the appeals for help.