chapter  4
The Materialities of Life Itself
Pages 36

A rethinking of the materialities of life rather than how life is materialized can provide more radical strategies for thinking about democracy itself. Democracy, for Gilles Deleuze and Fělix Guattari, is embedded in what they refer to as becoming-minoritarian where the strategy is to trigger uncontrollable movements and deterritorializations of the mean or majority. Poststructural political philosophies based in subjectivity have largely worked within Pouvoir where political movements are largely based on the creation of new democratic strategies. Post-queer politics is one of becoming, not being; rhizomes, not arborescence; dialogism, not dialectics; assemblages, not totalizations. To develop new democratic strategies without rethinking life itself simply redefines what each chess piece can do while maintaining the overall structure of chess. DeLanda offers a rhizomatic way of thinking about life that is central to dialogical-becomings where meaning is produced through connections rather than in relation to arboreal cores. Over the past few decades, identity politics has largely been concerned with reterritorializations.