chapter  6
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Pregnant Pause in Canada, Mexico and the United States

In the quest for appreciation for maternity issues in Pregnant Pause, this chapter examines efforts against maternity discrimination in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It reviews important legislation impacting equal rights, first in the United Kingdom, which encompasses England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, namely: the Sex Discrimination Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and the Code of Practice on Equal Pay, the Human Rights Act, and the Equality Act; and then in the Republic of Ireland, namely: the Constitution, the Employment Equality Act, the Equal Status Act, and the Maternity Protection Act and the Maternity Protection Act. Due to the overall legislation, employer behavior has changed in countries with anti-discrimination laws in that explicit discrimination, especially in recruitment, has reduced. Discriminating against workers on the basis of their maternity rights is unfair to individuals and harmful to the economy.