chapter  7
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Should God’s Power be Understood as Omnipotence?

This chapter evaluates alleged grounds for thinking that God is omnipotent other than the claim that it is a revealed truth. The concept of God as a perfect being cannot by itself provide strong grounds for the belief that God is omnipotent in the traditional sense or that God has the power to unilaterally determine non-divine states of affairs. By 'religious experience' in this context author mean a feeling or conviction about God arising in specific circumstances that otherwise contain nothing out of the ordinary, such as a feeling, perhaps while one is in church or is praying or is looking at the starry heavens, that God is present or is forgiving one or guiding one. There are limits to the range of human senses, and presumably to any analogous capacity by which humans directly experience God. The important possible ground for an understanding what God's power includes is the belief that God is the creator of all non-divine realities.