chapter  8
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A Process Christian Theism and the Problems of Evil

This chapter examines the understanding of God's power held by process theists. It resolves the problems of evil such as suffering, divine hiddenness, and unfairness. The chapter focuses on how process theists respond to the concerns about the overcoming of evil that may lead some traditional theists to assert that God has the power to unilaterally determine non-divine states of affairs. It considers concerns based on the belief that God is the greatest possible being, and therefore must have the greatest possible power. Traditional theists have to admit that natural disasters and other natural evils occur only with God's permission, while process theists would insist that God cannot stop them. The chapter examines why process theists claim to have a more satisfactory response to the first problem of evil suffering and wickedness than do traditional Christian theists. Process theism leads one to expect the sort of revelation suggested by the phenomena of the Bible.