chapter  8
Project Planning and Control
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Project planning and control is a predominant and critical issue in project management. When we refer to project management, we inevitably think about project planning and control. Therefore, care, skill and an appropriate amount of time and effort should be applied immediately at the project outset towards the establishment of a planning and control mechanism. Often project managers argue that when considering the project planning and control issue, one should differentiate between small and large projects. For example, small projects have tight budgets and short schedules that translate into project managers having very little room for error in planning, tracking and control. However, whatever the project, a suitable planning and control mechanism is required that is sufficiently flexible to accommodate a diverse range of projects in terms of size and complexity. The outcome without such a mechanism is an outwardly disorganized muddle that exhibits excessive duplication of effort, enormous cost overruns in proportion to the original cost estimate and critical shortages of resources.