Track 05 Mimesis/Mimicry – Poetic Aesthetic
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The dildo forms the culmination of subversive strategies of queer genders. Butler analysed gender parody originally behind the copy that is acts, gestures and desires create an 'inner core' on the surface of the body. Peaches' game of parody is not ambivalent like in the case of Madonna's irony. A subversive camp is one which has more political content, which contains the 'cutting edge' and concretely refers to the position of gay and lesbian, feminist and queer culture, unlike Sontag's description in 'Notes on Camp'. Riviere had noticed that a patient's feminine masquerade served to protect her from the vengeance of men when she, as a woman, took on masculine roles and therefore possessed male privilege. In Kristeva's work, mimesis refers to the poetic text and language is the practice of the semiotic and symbolic interaction; thus, the chora is the music, the non-linguistic part of language. Lesbians on Ecstasy (LOE) produce electronic versions of lesbian and women's classics.