chapter  2
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Consolatory Vision: Translating Boethius in Guillaume de Machaut’s Remede de Fortune

Advising his imprisoned patron, Charles of Navarre, of the sustaining power of hope, Guillaume de Machaut emphasises the value of his own previous work for the politically invested reader, urging him to consult the Remede de Fortune (Confort d’ami 2241-50). Long acknowledged as the fullest reworking of the Boethian text in Machaut’s poetic oeuvre, the Remede complements the Confort in translating the matter of Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy in ways that render it especially meaningful for a courtly audience. Analysis of the Remede’s inflection of the theme of consolation reveals further similarities to the later Confort, illuminating medieval conceptions of Boethian tradition and their relationship to contemporary ideas of nobility.