chapter  6
Epilogue – The Hauntology of Childhood
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Decades are not convenient. They do not begin, culturally speaking, on the 1 January or end on 31 December. They don’t even confine themselves to their respective decades. The Sixties may have swung on both Carnaby Street and the King’s Road at some point during those ten years, but, in the South Wales’ Valleys, they, in all probability, happened around 1973 or so. With this fluidity of history in mind, the cultural geographies of a 1970s childhood home are equally viscous. As Remembering the Cultural Geographies of a Childhood Home, may have opened – well, its first chapter proper, with Peter’s memory of entering the overgrown garden of Ivy Cottage – circa September 1970, it now ends, not on New Year’s Eve 1970, but amid the coming together of the personal and the global of 1982.