Conclusion: of Wetlands and Alpha-girls
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This chapter discusses the new feminisms that focus on the themes of difference, individualism and neoliberalism, as well as heteronormativity. The new feminists differ from the research participants because they explicitly claim feminism but also because they largely represent the voices of a small and privileged group. The trope of the oppressed Muslim woman appears in We Alpha-Girls where Haaf, Klingner and Streidl talk about female genital cutting in certain parts of the world. While feminism had not been the object of German media debates for a long time, feminism has come back onto the discursive stage in recent years. In Germany, the wave metaphor is less frequently used: what is called second-wave in an Anglo-American context tends to be labelled old women's movement or 1970s feminism. Distancing themselves from 1970s feminism, and most notably Alice Schwarzer, the alpha-girls address issues of identity, sex, media, and power.