chapter  4
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Violence and Legitimacy in the Lebanese Context 1985–2010

This chapter gives attention to the issue of Hizballah's weapons and its exercise of violence during the period 1985-2010. It shows how the legitimization of Hizballah's weapons in the domestic Lebanese context forces to think of Hizballah as a different form of authority and legitimacy in global politics. The chapter concerns the meaning and politics of violence in the Lebanese context, and how different political actors attempt to support, undermine, or eliminate, what Hizballah sees as its legitimate right to violence. It demonstrates how domestic Lebanese factions have shifted positions on Hizballah's right of resistance. The chapter also demonstrates how Hizballah has maneuvered within an increasingly hostile political system to maintain this right. It examines how the Lebanese state and other non-state actors within the country have attempted to challenge unique monopoly on violence and how Hizballah has sought to preserve it. The chapter highlights how specific articulations of authority, legitimacy, and violence, allegedly enjoyed solely by the state.