chapter  6
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The Special Tribunal for Lebanon

This chapter asks a series of questions about Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), specifically focusing on not only its structure and exceptional nature in international law. It focuses on which STL and the process through which it emerged exposes its role in representing regional and global geopolitical interests. The chapter discusses the history of international law, contextualizing STL within a broader trajectory of international law that is preoccupied, with what Carl Schmitt points out, is the question of imperial conquest and acquisition. It emphasizes the role of STL in the international disregard for Lebanon's sovereignty, and the delegitimation of many domestic political actors, not least Hizballah. The chapter indicates the extent to which STL emerged as a new tool for both the March 14th coalition and regional and global geopolitical interests to demand the disarmament of Hizballah. It discusses micro and macro instances, STL thwarts Lebanese sovereignty allegedly for the purposes of maintaining global peace and security.