chapter  2
Trends: What is happening around us?
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The future vision serves as an end point when making plans and designing a strategy: it gives direction to the goals of the organization and helps to show how to get there. In November 2003 Rabobank's sponsorship division decided to develop a vision on the sponsorship policy for the future with the help of several scenarios. In a Growth scenario 'winning' would appeal to the customer, entirely in tune with cycling sponsorship. The Rabo Cycling plan, which was set up in 1996, still exists today and includes sponsorship of the Royal Dutch Cycling Society (KNWU), several cycling clubs and local cycling events and races, in cooperation with the Dutch Recreational Cycling Society (NTFU) and encouragement of recreational cycling. A self-denying vision works like this: imagine a vision or an image of the future, a nightmare rather than a dream, that is so repellent that people clamour to prevent it from ever happening.