chapter  3
Scenarios: In which situations could we end up?
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The strategic conversation about the roadmap is a conversation about 'strategy' or 'strategic planning': the steps between the present and the desired future. In many organizations the word strategy is used in a more limited sense; the strategic plan of the organization for how to achieve their vision. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), an association of multinationals working together to foster sustainable development, has explored if and how people can achieve zero net energy buildings in 2050. For the purpose of the roadmap the abstract vision needs to be translated in strategic goals. A goal is a simple SMART (Specific Measurable Acceptable Realistic Timely) version of the vision. Most organizations find it difficult to include uncertainties and options in the roadmap. They prefer to list the risks and uncertainties in a separate document which is added to the roadmap under the name of 'Strategic Risk Management' or 'Sensitivity Analysis'.