chapter  5
Vision: Where do we want to go, who do we want to be?
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Once an organization has started to move, the strategy process is by no means finished. It is therefore important to select both internal and external indicators and early warning signals which the organization should monitor. Monitoring and interpreting signals, both from the organization and from the outside world, is of great importance to the organization that wants to be ready to tack at all times. Monitoring what happens within our organization is a way to measure progress against the roadmap. Monitoring market share, stock prices, currency exchange rates and interest rates offers a starting point for monitoring progress. When monitoring the world outside, one need to deal with two distinct parts of the environment: factors from the contextual environment and the actors of the transactional environment, those who can be influenced. The monitoring mechanism in the project Justice for Tomorrow was aimed at identifying and explaining events connected to social, technological and economical changes.