chapter  2
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This chapter shows how shamanism is a form of discursive language variously utilised to articulate and represents a range of new and emerging concerns at a transnational level, along with debates and conflicts these concerns inevitably occasion. Various social actors use shamanism's discursive language to coherently express their concerns and cogently convey their interests. However, shamanism is itself an articulation, which is to say, it designates a hinged joint and range of movements. In this sense, shamanism as a form of discursive practice is an occasion for thinking about the operations of the modern limit attitude and the practical task this attitude obliges them to engage. The chapter shows how the animation and innervation of modern history through perpetual oscillations between epistemological and ontological labours have generated the kinds of relations and imbrications in relation to shamanism. It also shows how shamanism is both a product and is productive of the modern limit attitude.