chapter  4
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The Residents of Dhaka City’s Government Quarters

In 2005, there were about 350,000 employees in government and semi-government organisations and government corporations in Dhaka city. As the capital city of the country, Dhaka is known for its bureaucratic and administrative culture. Therefore, a separate study of government and semi-government employees is crucial for an adequate understanding of the Dhaka society. There was a definite increase in the percentage of formally educated among government servants over the two decades. However, the percentage of illiterates also increased a little during this period. Attending weddings and social functions was among the few means by which the residents of Dhaka city could maintain social links with friends and relatives, and the growth of many community halls, mostly private or belonging to organisations, facilitated this process. Government officials land ownership in Dhaka city had declined during this period perhaps because land purchase for them was no longer subsidised and their fixed income could not match the steep land prices in Dhaka city.