chapter  11
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Radical Organisation Theory

WithGibson Burrell, Gareth Morgan

The notions of ‘totality’, ‘structure’, ‘contradiction’ and ‘crisis’ thus provide core concepts from which a radical organisation theory characteristic of the radical structuralist paradigm can be forged. The literature which is relevant to the development of radical organisation theory is diverse and contains many works which approach the problem of totality rather than organisations as such. Nicos Mouzelis thus points the way towards a radical organisation theory based upon an historical analysis which pays central attention to the nature of organisations within the context of the power structure of society as a whole. The Marxian structuralist approaches to a radical organisation in looking to the work of the mature Karl Marx as a source of found their analytical framework upon the tenets of political economy. The radical Weberian contribution to a radical theory of organisations, therefore, can be elicited from literature which focuses upon a theory of the totality, in which the State is accorded a central role.