chapter  2
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The Crown to the Judges of the Audiencia of Santo Domingo, Madrid, March 27, 1528

As for the warden, (f. 261 r.) Francisco de Tapia, we have seen what you write, and certain evidence4 taken on his petition; and it is to be .supposed that if he fired the shot, as you say, which caused the ship to leave, it was not with malice aforethought. You will consider the evidence5 and suit which you have brought against him in the matter, and

it may determine the identity of the English ship and of her master. 3 Here and elsewhere, following, irrelevant paragraphs have been

omitted, such omissions being indicated by dots. Similarly, superscriptions have been omitted; but instructive notes and decrees, frequently written on the back of documents along with the superscription, have been used.