chapter  11
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John Hawkins to Licentiate Alonso Bernaldez, Petition, Borburata, April 16, 1565

I therefore petition your honour to grant me license to sell my cargo. I stand ready to pay his majesty the duties usual in this land and to sell the said merchandise at acceptable prices ;

And whereas in addition to repairing and refurnishing my fleet, I am obliged to pay my ships and men in each port entered;

And whereas I do not desire to offend or occasion difficulties, petitioning, as I petition, your honour to grant me the license requested under which to sell to the Spanish in order that I may purchase of them;

If this petition be not granted, I shall seek my own solution, for I cannot leave this port, nor will I leave, without supplying my said necessities, for even were I willing to do so, yet am I unable, for I cannot prevail with my people;

Cristobal de Llerena his attorney. 3 I.e. the governor is forced to agree.