chapter  14
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Hawkins' License to trade at Rio de la Hacha, May 21, 1565

In the city of Rio de la Hacha on the twenty-first day of the month of May in the year one thousand five hundred and sixty-five, their honours Rodrigo Caro, alcalde ordinario of this city, and Hernando Costilla and the treasurer, Miguel de Castellanos, and the factor, Lazaro de Vallejo Aldrete, and Balthazar de Castellanos and Domingo Felix, municipal councilmen, set forth that:

Because of reasons which move them, which they intend to express 2 in proper time and place, to Captain John Hawkins, commanding the English fleet at present in this city's harbour, they granted license in so far as they were authorized to do so, freely and without impediment to trade and sell and do business in this city with all its burghers and inhabitants, transient and permanent, in whatever slaves, cloths, linens, wines, arms and other merchandise the said captain may bring in his said vessels ;

And similarly they granted the same license to do business with the said captain and his men to all the burghers and inhabitants, transient and permanent in this city, that they may trade freely.