chapter  18
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Miguel de Castellanos to the Crown, Rio de la Hacha, January 1, 1568

Especially was this true in the month of l\Iay in the year [15]67 when Jean Bontemps, commanding ten French ships, came to take this city and sent ashore to demand license to trade, threatening that unless it was extended to him he would bum the place and leave everything desolate. I dissimulated with him for a day, during which I gathered the women and children and invalids into my house, where I furnished them necessary subsistence at my own expense, while I assembled the rest of the people. We went down to meet the corsair, who had disembarked with two hundred men and much artillery, and with what little ordnance this place could bring up, we played on them and beat them, so that they ran at full speed and withdrew to their ships, and made sail and fled, and fell upon Santa Marta, which place it is said they took, along with a very good ship of the fleet.