chapter  24
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The City Council of Cartagena to the Crown, September 30, 1568

By the fleet which left this port last February, Diego Flores de Valdes commanding, we informed your majesty of the many corsairs resorting to this coast and of the damage they were doing your majesty's subjects, and we sent informaciones2

and evidence concerning this matter and concerning the grave need this city felt of your majesty's favour extended in form to enable it to fortify itself for defence against the said corsairs and to take the offensive against them when they should resort to this coast. All this went forward accompanied by his opinion and a very detailed report of the matter made at your majesty's command by Martin de las Alas, governor and captain general of this jurisdiction, who, we understand, by other ships which cleared from this city after the fleet had left, rendered your majesty an account of the damage which had been done by a corsair ship which off this coast seized a frigate out of Nombre de Dios with more than rso,ooo pesos.