chapter  8
World Mission and the Second Coming
Pages 24

Eschatology is extremely important for Pentecostals. The early Pentecostals were motivated in their missionary endeavours because of their belief in the imminent return of Jesus Christ. For Pentecostals it is inextricably linked to the mission of the church and continues to be so today. However, even though this doctrine of the second coming of Christ is an important motivation to evangelise, it also appears as though there is a fair degree of uncertainty around the subject. On this topic it was difficult to start with a testimony or personal narrative because of the nature of the subject matter. Therefore, it was explored by means of a dialogue between the researcher and members of the focus group. The dialogue is described below and gives some important and interesting insights into the thinking and understanding of the members of HPC. The only time that the subject of eschatology was discussed publicly was when a visiting Pentecostal evangelist, David Hathaway, preached one Sunday morning. This public declaration of theology is juxtaposed with the ordinary beliefs of the members in order to raise some of the inherent tensions that are present in contemporary Pentecostalism. The chapter will contextualise the material in relation to early and classical Pentecostal theology, before considering recent discussions of Pentecostal millennialism and millenarian discourse. These perspectives will be used to interpret the ordinary eschatology before being rescripted with the use of theological resources from Pentecostal scholarship.