chapter  4
Making Homes in Cairo: Constructing the Socio-spatial Architecture of Home
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The determination of everyday spatial practices, hence, focused on the contextual settings within which home is produced and reproduced. Nancy Stieber denotes how deeply essential and central the investigation of cultural meaning and content have become to the processes of architectural production. The coherent social dynamics of Cairo had been giving way to a new system of social partitioning associated with spatial categorisation of diverse income groups. In Cairo, the image has little to reveal about actual practices of daily activities and occupancy of their homes. For residents, the practice of home is structured around individual and mutual and collective social interaction, restrained habits and behaviours, historically rooted traditions and morals. It follows the flow of activities, temporal and spatial settings of the social spheres, while tracing the modes of change, the meaning of home as illustrated in the socio-spatial organisation at different periods.