chapter  20
The Experience of War
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The previous chapters have highlighted the extraordinary political and military dimensions of the Thirty Years’ War. How did people experience a war of such magnitude, length, and severity? In the last few decades scholarship has increasingly focused on the war ‘up Œ•˜œŽȂǯȱ‘Žȱę›œȱœ™ŠŽȱ˜ȱœž’Žœȱ’—ȱ‘’œȱ›Žœ™ŽŒȱŒ˜’—Œ’Žȱ ’‘ȱ‘ŽȱřśŖ‘ȱŠ——’ŸŽ›œŠ›¢ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ Peace of Westphalia (1998). The event induced many archivists and historians to mine local archives for testimonies regarding the war, which stimulated the publication of a great many accounts – from short excerpts of parish records to lengthy diary-style manuscripts. Furthermore, historians of everyday life (Alltagsgeschichte), micro history, and historical Š—‘›˜™˜•˜¢ǰȱœžŒ‘ȱŠœȱ Š—œȱŽ’Œ”ǰȱŽ—’—ŠȱŸ˜—ȱ ›žœŽ—œ“Ž›—ǰȱ—˜—ȱŒ‘’—•’—ǰȱŠĴ‘’Šœȱ œŒ‘ŽǰȱŠ—ȱ Ž˜ěȱ˜›’–Ž›ǰȱ‘ŠŸŽȱŒŠ™’Š•’œŽȱ˜—ȱ‘Žȱ›’Œ‘ȱ—Š››Š’ŸŽȱŠŒŒ˜ž—œȱ™›˜žŒŽȱž›’—ȱ ‘Žȱ Š›ȱ ’—ȱŠ—ȱŠĴŽ–™ȱ ˜ȱ •ŽŠ›—ȱ–˜›ŽȱŠ‹˜žȱ‘˜ ȱ™Ž˜™•ŽȱŽ¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽȱŠ—ȱŽŠ•ȱ ’‘ȱ ‘ŽœŽȱ ‘˜››’ęŒȱŽŸŽ—œǯ1 This included a realignment in military history, where the major focus had ‹ŽŽ—ȱ˜—ȱ‹ŠĴ•Žœǰȱœ›ŠŽ’ŽœǰȱŠ›–œǰȱŠ—ȱŽ—Ž›Š•œǰȱ˜ȱ’—Œ˜›™˜›ŠŽȱœž’Žœȱ˜—ȱ›Žž•Š›ȱœ˜•’Ž›œȱŠ—ȱ their experience of war.2